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2020 could mark a technological turning point with the upcoming arrival of the foldable screen phone. After an unprecedented fall in smartphone sales recorded in 2018, brands needed to revive by injecting novelty into the market.

We offer you through this article a full presentation of the foldable smartphone and models of the leading brands with the information we have. Will the flexible screen phone become the model of the future?

best foldable phoneWhat is a foldable phone ?

The goal of the flexible screen phone is to deploy a large screen at least equivalent to that of a tablet. This type of model usually comes with two screens back to back of a diagonal of about 4 inches or a normal smartphone. There are models that differ slightly as the Lenovo for example that can be used as a watch and that has three different blocks.

What are the advantages of the foldable phone ?

Outstanding screen quality

One of the undeniable qualities of this new kind of phone is the incomparable quality of the screen.

For this result manufacturers have used OLED tiles. We will see in detail the features of this technology later in the article.

In addition to the large screen in deployed mode you have an image of exceptional sharpness.

An ultra versatile phone

By versatility is meant the 2 in 1. That is to say that it can be used as a conventional smartphone in “closed” mode and as a tablet in “deployed” mode. This will increase the number of uses. We can work almost like on a computer and play with optimal comfort on the big screen.

Unsurpassed solidity

One might think that the fact that it is flexible and having multiple screens make the model fragile, it is not so. The screen is designed with plastic fibers making it almost unbreakable (to be checked during use).

Moreover the tests of the manufacturer Royole posted an impressive result of 200 000 possible folds before having signs of wear. Indeed the wear of the phone will be related to the number of folds and folds.

Foldable phone -Technological progress: revolutionary flexible screen

What is the technology used ?

The screen used to equip flexible smartphones may well become the standard of the future. The type of OLED screen is the evolution of the LCD. It provides more clarity with a lower darkening rate, more responsiveness. The contrast is better, the OLED tiles emit their own light while the LCD must go through a backlight.

Solidity of flexible screens

Foldable screens will be extremely resistant because of their design. They are designed with plastic fibers unlike the actual screens made with glass. So they will withstand falls or shocks.

Then we will judge the wear of the screen depending on the bends you will perform.

It is estimated that there are 200,000 folds before significant wear at Royole and 20,000 to 30,000 times for other brands. We can therefore count on excellent resistance on the screen side.

Screen resolution and quality

The “small” screens will be about 4 inches diagonal for most brands and the big screen will be between 7 and 8 inches. Take the example of Royole with his FlexPai. There is a 7.8-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1440 pixels and a pixel density of 308 dpi.

TOP 3 foldable phone in 2020

Galaxy F: Samsung’s foldable phone

best foldable phone

As expected, Samsung unveiled its foldable smartphone at its Unpacked 2019 conference in San Francisco on February 20.

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